Apartment scammer: rents out housing, receives an advance and disappears

Greek law enforcement has received more than 20 complaints about an enterprising scammer who rents houses to workers for the season, issues fake keys, and then disappears after receiving the appropriate advance.

“Scammers via the Internet, by posting photos of a house (apartment), are baiting naive citizens. Interested in the offer of rent, people meet with the “landlord”, as it turns out later – a scammer who gives them the keys and, having received an advance, disappears, writes in.gr.

Indicative is the case of a certain young couple who were deceived in the appropriate way for 5,000 euros. They trusted the well-dressed gentleman, met him in Athens, he handed over the keys to them after they had given him the full amount.

“The scammer is advertising in Crete and other parts of Greece,” says local journalist Petros Nazos:

“There is little that the police can do because justice does not respond quickly as required. Despite the fact that the identity of the fraudster has been established, his bank accounts are not blocked. And we have to wait for the trial, which will take place in 3 years. Authorities have located the man, but the address he provided does not exist. Many accusations have been made against him. But most likely, he is expected to be caught red-handed.”

One of the victims of this nimble scammer spoke about her misadventures on the MEGA channel.

“Mykonos is an island where it is difficult to find accommodation for the season. We found the house through FB, talked to a specific gentleman, he asked for 8000 in advance, and we fell into a trap. We arranged a meeting with him, were in Athens, gave 5,000 euros. He gave us the keys. When I found out that the house didn’t exist, I sued. He advertises, receives advances, and then disappears, ”said the victim.

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