Snowy Easter

Today we will find ourselves in an amazing country in which not only flowers can talk, but also Easter cakes, Easter eggs and cottage cheese Easter. It was the last day of winter. But she didn’t want to leave at all.

Winter was offended by everyone, she considered that she was loved less than other seasons, and decided to stop time. But if it is winter all the time, then Easter may not come. In order to finally stop time, winter had to prevent the willow from blooming.

“Then Palm Sunday will not come,” winter thought.

Time stopped, no one understood anything, everyone was tired of the long winter.

Because of the cold, Easter cake caught a cold, and Cottage Cheese Easter and Easter Egg tried not to go outside. Olga was talking to her mother-in-law Margarita about the fact that winter should have ended long ago. However, there was no warming of the weather, and they noticed that the same day was standing for a long time.

“Has time really stopped?” Mother Olga thought.

Time passed, but the day on the calendar remained the same. The willow did not bloom because of the cold. Mom remembered that there was a magic calendar in the attic of the Easter cake house. Easter cake took out a magical calendar that never made a mistake, and they saw that Easter was coming soon! Then Olga guessed what had happened.

“Winter has stopped time,” she said.

Easter egg and Kulich decided to go to the winter, Olga gave them magic matches on the way. Olga and Curd Easter decided to warm the main willow.

– How can you warm a willow? – you ask.

The main willow can be warmed up with the help of a large number of good deeds performed. Do you want to help mom Olga and Cottage Cheese Easter? Think about what a good deed you can do today.

The path of the Easter egg and Kulich was very long, and finally they got into the realm of winter. Winter was not going to accept them. Before them was an icy door, no matter how hard they tried, it could not be opened. Then they remembered the matches. A few minutes later they were inside the ice palace and saw Zima. They did not quarrel with her, but instead invited her to the celebration of Easter. Winter felt ashamed of his act, the stop of time stopped. The snow began to melt, snowdrops appeared, roses, chrysanthemums, asters, lilies, violets, geraniums, crocosmia, rhododendron blossomed in the fabulous greenhouse, beautiful leaves of various lawn grasses and hostas appeared. Buds appeared on the main willow.

Easter has come. Although there was still snow in some places, this did not bother anyone, since winter had receded. This year was a snowy Easter! All gathered together for the celebration of this Great Feast.

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