Flowers for Easter

Easter was approaching in one amazing country. Many miracles happen in this country – people never quarrel, and flowers and animals talk. Easter comes at a different time every year. Because of this, the flowers that bloom for Easter may be different.

However, in an amazing country, flowers can bloom by Easter that do not even bloom at this time. Lilacs were preparing to celebrate Easter with beautiful flowers. Chrysanthemums, asters, peonies, bluebells, lilies of the valley, snowdrops, daisies, geraniums, saintpaulia, azalea and crocosmia also wanted to please everyone with beautiful flowers for Easter. All these flowers grew in Olga’s mother’s garden. Before Easter, my mother always watered the flowers and added magic fertilizer to the water.

The red rose considered herself the most beautiful. She wanted to be the only flower that would bloom on Easter. So that everyone admires only her. But how to do that? Rose considered. At this time, Olga came to water the flowers in the garden. She took the magical fertilizer with her. She watered the rose, and immediately flowers appeared on it, but Olga did not have time to water the other flowers. Guests came to her – Margarita and Nikolai. They went to drink tea and began to discuss Easter preparations. At this time, the rose decided to hide the magic fertilizer, then only she alone will delight everyone with flowers for Easter! The guests were going home, and Olga offered to look at the blooming rose.

“What a beautiful rose!” said Margarita and Nikolai at the same time.

Olga also admired roses. But then she remembered that she needed to water other flowers.

“Where is the magic fertilizer?” Olga exclaimed.

She searched the entire garden. Then I looked at the rose and understood everything.

“What a pity that no one will be able to appreciate your beauty, everyone will be upset that other flowers did not bloom,” Olga said.

Rosa felt ashamed – to commit a bad deed before Easter! She gave away the magical fertilizer and made peace with the other flowers. The flowers of the rose became even more beautiful, probably because the rose repented of her bad deed.

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