Weather: Rain, thunderstorms, snow and cold snap from Monday 11 April

Looks like we put our warm clothes away early “until next winter”. We rejoiced at the warm days, and that’s enough! Cooling is coming again, despite the fact that it is almost mid-April in the yard.

Rain in the lowlands and snow in the mountains in the northeast of the mainland are expected today, Monday 11 April. Sporadic storms will occur in the northeastern Aegean Sea with a gradual improvement in weather.

According to the forecast meteo.grnorthwest wind force 6-8 on the Beaufort scale, while the air temperature will drop significantly.

Detailed forecast

Dwait expected in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, where in the mountains snow will fall, as well as on the islands located in the north-east of the Aegean Sea, there will be sporadic thunderstorms. Gradually, adverse atmospheric phenomena will cease, and the weather will improve. Good weather conditions will prevail in the rest of the country.

The air temperature will fluctuate in Western Macedonia from +1°С to +14°С, in the rest of Northern Greece from +5°С to +17°С, in Epirus from +4°С to +18°С, in Thessaly from +5°С to +20°С, in the rest of mainland Greece from +7°С to +20°С. On the Ionian Islands from +8°С to +18°С. On the islands of the Aegean Sea and on Crete from +8°С to +17°С.

The wind is mainly northwesterly with a force of 6-7 on the Beaufort scale. Possibly 8 on the Beaufort scale in places at sea, but will gradually weaken in the afternoon.

In Attica cloudy. Wind west / northwest force 4-5, possibly up to 6 on the Beaufort scale. The air temperature will fluctuate from +11°С to +19°С.

In Thessaloniki little cloudiness. Northwesterly winds of 5-6 Beaufort but will ease in the afternoon. Air temperature from +8°С to +17°С.

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