Sanctions and gas supplies – Russia may respond harshly

Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Mikhail Sheremet proposed to stop supplying the EU countries with gas, at least temporarily.

A deputy from the Crimean region yesterday proposed to “respond with tough sanctions” EU and temporarily stop gas supplies to European countries. Sheremet believes, reports the publication “News”that such actions will be a worthy response to the “rabid, disrespectful and humiliating policy towards Russia”:

“In response to their unfriendly actions, I believe that we should respond with tough sanctions – to temporarily stop supplying them with energy resources. Until the European comrades realize that an aggressive policy towards Russia is harmful to them and punishable.”

The MP stressed that the European Union made a mistake by choosing the United States as its best friend. Two days ago, the fifth package of sanctionsadopted by the EU against the Russian Federation. Their list includes a ban on the import of energy resources from Russia. However, five countries, as he writes editionreferring to the Daily Express, are not ready for an embargo on Russian energy resources.

“Rebellion” was headed by Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, Austria, the Netherlands, and Italy were also worried. Germany thought about it, since 40% of the gas purchased by Berlin comes from Russia.

Christian Sewing, the head of Deutsche Bank, noted on April 4 that in the event of an embargo on the supply of oil and gas from Russia, the economy of not only Germany, but Europe as a whole, could fall into a recession and eventually collapse. True, the German government, after the start of the war in Ukraine, is making incredible efforts to change the course of the economy and get rid of dependence on Russian energy sources.

However, yesterday Michael Hüter, director of the Institute for German Economics in Cologne, suggested that Germany would depend on Russian gas for at least another 2 years. A sharp rejection of energy resources from the Russian Federation would provoke a significant part of production downtime in Germany and an increase in the number of unemployed.

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