Dendias: “EastMed is alive and well”

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias dismissed Victoria Nuland’s claims that the EastMed gas pipeline was dead and said the project was “alive and well”.

This statement was made by the head of the Greek Foreign Ministry on Saturday at the Delphi Economic Forum, in response to the statement US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland.

“EastMed is alive and well,” Dendias said, adding that the United States’ main concerns about the venture are related to its financial viability and projected project duration. He said he believed Nuland’s comments were solely about EastMed’s inability to find a solution to the current crisis.

The minister stressed that people overestimated the intentions of the United States and gave them geopolitical meaning where there is none. He said strong US support for the Euro-Asia interconnector, which is planned along the same route as EastMed, is a strong indication that there is no geopolitical element in the views expressed by Nuland, daily reports. cathimerini and other Greek media.

Dendias emphasized the strong US support for the trilateral cooperation framework between Greece, Cyprus and Israel, actively participating in the so-called “3+1” structure.

Dendias also discussed the US State Department’s recent statement that the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey would serve American interests. He explained that the US government is under pressure from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but this does not mean that Greece will stop being cautious about its neighbor.

“Until Turkey gives up its casus belli, Greece cannot welcome Turkish rearmament,” he said, adding that it could potentially be used against her.

Dendias reaffirmed Greece’s position that the current Turkish casus belli is unacceptable and should be withdrawn. He stated that under international law, the threat of war must be condemned.

PS They say that this is called “putting a good face on a bad game.” In the current situation, when Greece relies solely on the United States, having rejected the previously adopted multi-vector development path, the States have openly declared that Greece will consume exclusively their LNG, otherwise … Otherwise, Turkey will cause problems for Greece. Moreover, they just need not interfere …

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