February 8, 2023

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Shock: killed a neighbor for being "had the audacity" park in front of his house

The local population of Tinos is shocked as they still cannot comprehend the terrible crime committed in the city today.

According to Cyclades24.gr, an elderly man, about 90 years old, shot in cold blood the director of the School of Hagiography of the Evangelistria Foundation, reports in.gr.

The crime happened near a private house when the driver was parking in the parking lot. When the shots rang out, the neighbors ran out into the street to understand what had happened. Once at the scene of a terrible massacre, they immediately called the police.

The same information states that a 50-year-old man recently bought a house next to the oldest local resident. According to unconfirmed information, the man parked near the old man’s house, as a result of which he came out with a gun and mortally wounded the “insolent man.”

According to the information, the perpetrator was a “problem man”, who was well known from this side on the quietest island.

The victim is a calm, intelligent person, brought up by a family of hagiographers (icon painters). Locals say that he may have simply “fallen under a hot hand”, and it was he who fell on the fury of a criminal who started a quarrel with anyone.

The offender is arrested, and the wife of the victim, who is also an icon painter, arrived at the department of the island to testify.

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