Buses in Athens and Thessaloniki will change their appearance

The tender for the complete renewal of the city bus fleet in Athens and Thessaloniki is progressing rapidly. What passenger vehicles will we see on the roads?

After a full 13 years since the idea was born, in October 2021, the competition “Renewal of the fleet of city buses for the main areas of Athens and Thessaloniki” was launched, the goal of which is to completely update the vehicles that will run in the two largest cities in Greece, reports carandmotor.gr.

The competition is already moving fast, and last week interested parties submitted bids for 770 new buses, which will soon enter the city’s routes.

Perhaps the most important new element of the competition is the fact that 350 out of 770 new buses will be fully electric. In particular, 100 simple electric buses 12 meters long with a minimum autonomy (charge / fuel sufficiency) of 125 kilometers, as well as 250 simple electric buses 12 meters long with a maximum autonomy (180 kilometers) are included.

Electric urban public transport – bus

In addition to the above, new generation buses (EURO VI) running on natural gas are participating in the competition, and these are about 200 simple 12-meter buses, as well as 100 modular 18-meter ones.

In addition, 100 simple city buses with 12-meter EURO VI hybrid technology are included in the project (it is planned to increase the fleet by another 20 vehicles).

The total budget of the tender reaches 383,494,800 euros.

It is worth noting that the intention of the Ministry of Transport is to hold another tender for the addition of new city buses in order to further update the fleet of vehicles plying in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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