June 10, 2023

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Travel trends for 2022

To uncover the most impressive trends in the travel industry, Virtuoso – the world’s leading network of luxury and experiential travel agencies with over 20,000 consultants – collected and analyzed travel information from partners and top clients to draw relevant conclusions.

According to traveldailymedia.com, despite the pandemic situation, all indications are that travelers are increasingly turning their attention to international destinations, showing optimism and cheerfulness.

Travel as a way of life

As Omicron cases are on a downward trend, what used to be a deterrent to travel has now become a driving force. People who have been infected and recovered from the virus find “antibodies” to be the perfect time to travel.

Travel agency consultants say customers have contacted them to plan their next vacation while still in quarantine. This is in line with a January 2022 Virtuoso survey that found 85% of travelers said they were “ready to travel”. Travel intent is strong, with 86% of those surveyed saying they plan to travel overseas this year, and Virtuoso expects the booking trend to continue to pick up in the second quarter as the Omicron tide subsides.

Virtuoso experts say 2022 will be the year of once-in-a-lifetime travel. Using its exclusive tour consultants, the company found that 76% of customers “rushed” to exotic destinations. Recently, there has been an increase in ultra-luxury travel – African safaris, Caribbean islands, metropolitan areas and cruises.

Celebration of important events

Making up for the lost year (or two) of celebrating important dates like birthdays and anniversaries has become a priority for those looking to reconnect with their loved ones. 78% of Virtuoso consultants saw an increase in vacation travel, with anniversaries and birthdays being top motivators.

Traveling to the islands of Mexico and the Caribbean are at the top of the list of preferred destinations. At the same time, 95% of consultants also believe that holiday trips will remain a top trend until 2022.

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