June 9, 2023

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Taxi driver loses driver’s license

Police Accident Control and Prevention Groups (Ο.Ε.Π.Τ.Α.) of the Attica Traffic Authority arrested a 52-year-old taxi driver.

As it became known, all procedures for lifelong deprivation of a driver’s license have already begun, writes lifo.gr.

According to the relevant report by EL.AS., the taxi driver is accused of transporting two clients on a rather long route (from the hospital to another area of ​​Attica) at noon on 03/30/2022, but upon disembarking he demanded (and received) twice the amount than indicated by the taximeter.

In addition, he did not follow the route proposed by them, showing, among other things, dangerous driving behavior, violating the rules of the road three times: driving through a prohibitory traffic light (red light), crossing a double continuous lane, etc.

The taxi driver was arrested for charging a fare higher than that allowed by the current regulations, and was subject to an administrative fine of 2,400 euros.

In addition, the procedure provided by the competent regional department will be observed – lifelong deprivation of a driver’s license as a result of a repetition of traffic violations (3 times within 5 years).

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