How mother Olga saved cottage cheese Easter and Easter cakes

Today we will find ourselves in an amazing country in which not only flowers can talk, but even Easter cakes, Easter eggs and cottage cheese Easter.

Miracles people in this country are not surprised at all. Easter is the most favorite holiday in this country. Therefore, we suggest visiting this fabulous country for Easter.

Easter was approaching, everyone was preparing for this holiday. The House of Cottage Cheese Easter stood in the center of a pink glade, it was called that because only roses grew on it. Everything around was saturated with the scent of flowers. The Cottage Cheese Easter House was small, but very cozy. Outwardly, in shape, it resembled Easter and was all entwined with climbing roses. Inside the house was much larger than it appeared from the outside, it had ten rooms. The most important room was the tenth, it was here that the main treasure was kept a magical book in which all known recipes for Easter cakes and curd Easter were recorded, various options for coloring eggs that were prepared for Easter. According to an ancient legend, if this book disappears before Easter and is not found before the start of the holiday, then people will forever forget the recipes for making cottage cheese Easter and Easter cakes. Imagine what an Easter table would look like without Easter cakes and curd Easter!

In one of the rooms at Cottage Cheese Easter there was a greenhouse in which many different roses grew. Curd Easter was very fond of roses and talked to them for a long time.

In the pink meadow, she helped the flowers cope with the nettles. Curd Easter just managed to drive the nettles out of the clearing. Then the nettle decided to spoil the Easter holiday. The prickly plants decided to steal a huge magical book containing all the known recipes for Easter cakes and cottage cheese Easter! No one knew about their cunning plan.

Easter Egg and Kulich came to visit Cottage Cheese Easter, they began to discuss preparations for Easter.

We have over a thousand Easter eggs to paint!said the Easter Egg.

– First we have to bake a hundred Easter cakes! Kulich said.

– And what about cottage cheese Easter?

We think you guessed who asked this question. Everyone began to argue what is more important to cook for Easter in the first place – Easter eggs, Easter cake or curd Easter. What do you think is the most important thing for Easter? Of course, the meaning of the holiday is the Resurrection of Christ. However, of course, without Easter eggs, Easter cakes and curd Easter it is difficult to imagine a festive table for Easter.

In the rose meadow at this time, the roses were discussing flower decorations for Easter. Each of them believed that it was she who should become the main flower decoration for Easter. While everyone was arguing, no one noticed how ten nettles approached the house of Curd Easter.

The most important and stinging nettle decided to get into the house. Easter Egg, Kulich and Curd Easter were still arguing. Nettle carefully climbed into the tenth room, in the center of which lay a beautiful book with a cover sprinkled with amber.

Here she is! the nettle exclaimed with delight.

The book was very heavy, it almost crushed the nettle. The burning thief pushed the book out the window, and then climbed out herself. Ten nettles struggled to carry this heavy book. In the pink meadow, everyone continued to argue, so no one noticed the nettles. Now you understand how bad it is to argue and swear for a long time? If each of the disputants had tried to be more tolerant, the book would not have been stolen.

At this time, mother Olga was preparing for Easter. She wanted to cook Easter cottage cheese and Easter cakes.

I can’t remember a single recipe! mother was horrified.How will I cook?

The bell rang. Mom asked her son Zhenya to open the door. He was glad – they came grandmother Rita and grandfather Kolya. Mom came out to meet the guests, but she was very upset.

What happened, Olya?Grandma Rita asked.

margarita, I forgot how to cook Easter cottage cheese and Easter cakes!mother said.

Margarita was very surprised by this.

Now I’ll tell you the recipe!Grandma Rita said.

Suddenly, Margarita, the queen of cooking, realized that she couldn’t remember how to cook Easter cakes!

Must see the recipes in the book!Grandma Rita and Grandpa Kolya said at the same time.

Zhenya opened the book of Easter dishes: there were no recipes in the book, only blank pages!

Everyone decided that by tomorrow they would try to remember the recipes for Easter dishes, otherwise the holiday would be ruined.

Mom Olga saw off the guests, then decided to clean up the garden. She went outside and suddenly in the distance, in the thickets of nettles, she saw an unusual glow. This was reflected in the amber that was on the cover of the Easter recipe book. Olga went to the nettle thickets and saw the book!

That’s why I couldn’t remember how to cook Easter dishes!Mom guessed.

Nettle plants got scared, they were caught in the act! They tried to hide the book. Then Olga went into the thickets of nettles (she was so stinging!) and took away the book from the plants.

They felt ashamed of their actions. Together with their mother, they went to the Cottage Cheese Easter. In the rose meadow, the roses stopped their disputes when they saw mother with a book.

– You are all very beautiful! Mom said.

The roses agreed with this and thought, why did they argue for so long?

Then my mother went to the cottage cottage cheese Easter. Easter Egg, Cottage Cheese Easter and Kulich were surprised to see the Book of Easter Recipes in her hands. After learning about what happened, they decided not to argue anymore. Everyone forgave nettle plants.

Easter has come. Mom decorated the Easter table. The bell rang. Zhenya opened the door: grandmother Rita, grandfather Kolya, aunt Olya, great-grandmother Anya, grandmother Zoya, grandfather Vitya, brother Dima came. How nice it is when everyone celebrates Easter together!

– Christ is Risen! Mom said.

Evgeny Alexandrovich Gladkov

Olga Viktorovna Gladkova

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