Dmitry Peskov acknowledged major military losses in Ukraine

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov admitted that Russia suffered “significant losses of troops” in the war unleashed against Ukraine: “This is a huge tragedy.”

However, he hopes that in the foreseeable future the special operation will achieve its goals or end as a result of negotiations, Peskov said in an interview with the British channel Sky News on April 7.

When asked whether the loss of thousands of soldiers, hundreds of tanks and six generals could be considered a humiliation for Russia, Dmitry Peskov said about “a misunderstanding of what is happening”:

“Yes, we have suffered significant losses of troops, this is a huge tragedy for us. We hope that the “special operation” in Ukraine in the coming days or in the foreseeable future will achieve its goals or end through negotiations.”

Putin’s spokesman called one of the goals of the war in Ukraine, writes RIA Newspreventing the threat of a third world war:

“Imagine a situation where a NATO member, Ukraine, thinking about the return of Crimea, attacks Russia and Russian Crimea. Applying Article 5 of the NATO Charter, NATO countries with nuclear weapons will have to defend Ukraine, there could be a third world war. What is being implemented now is protecting us from any potential threat of such a war.”

Inevitably, the question arose about sanctions – whether Peskov considers them an existential threat. To which the interlocutor of the publication noted that his country has been living under sanctions for “dozens of years”:

“We started preparing for these sanctions a year ago. And so now, of course, we are in a very difficult situation in terms of the economy, but our economy is still on its feet, and we are doing well.”

Starting February 28 Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. They are held in the format of face-to-face meetings and via videoconference. Another face-to-face round took place in the Stambul.

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