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Zelensky spoke in the Greek Parliament: “Freedom or death, your revolutionaries said, today we say the same thing”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is currently addressing Greek MPs with a speech full of references to Greek history.

The speech of the Ukrainian President takes place against the backdrop of bloody incident in Bucha and follows a corresponding invitation from the Prime Minister of Greece on the national holiday of 25 March.

Greece condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the very beginning“, – said the Speaker of Parliament Costas Tassoulasby sending defense and humanitarian aid to Ukraine from the outset, while at the same time intervening diplomatically to open up humanitarian corridors.

In his opening statement, the Speaker of Parliament mentioned, among other things, the Turkish invasion of northern Cyprus, highlighting the similarity of violations of international law.

It is with special honor and a sincere sense of solidarity that we welcome you to the Greek Parliament today. This historic meeting is dedicated to the fighting and defending Ukrainian people, of which you are the leader. Fight heroically against the barbaric Russian invasion for 43 days, which is becoming more and more inhuman”, said the Speaker of Parliament.

Our will for more help and solidarity in your country is strong. We are bound by unique historical ties”, the Speaker of the Parliament also said.

April is the hardest month”, said the Speaker of the Parliament, using the phrase of T. S. Eliot, assuring the President of Ukraine that Greece will honestly stand on the side of Ukraine until the final victory.

“New Filiki Iteria could be born in Greece”

Zelensky began his speech by mentioning Mariupolwhile there were repeated references to those living there Greeks.

Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up thinking in Mariupol“, – said the Ukrainian president, stressing that the city was completely destroyed.

100 thousand people live on the outskirts of Mariupol. The Russian military destroys everything, they bombed hospitals, maternity hospitals and even the city theater‘.’Mariupol should not become Thermopylae“, Zelensky said.

Freedom or death your revolutionaries said, we say the same thing todayadded the President of Ukraine before moving on to Odessa, the second besieged city with many Greeks living there.

Today the Russians are deporting civilians. They think they will go unpunished. We must punish them. A Friendly Society was created here, I believe that a new Friendly Society can be created in Greece to save Ukraine and Hellenism in Ukraine“.

The Ukrainian president then showed the Greek parliament a video of the testimony of Greek émigrés fighting against the Russian invasion.

“Russian banks should stop cashing in on the global financial system”

Zelensky went on to say that Russian banks should not make money on the global system. “We must close the door on them. They use the money they earn to build rockets“. “We need weapons, armor, anti-tank systems. Only then can we save Ukraine“.

I am convinced that we will bring peace to Ukraine, and those who committed crimes against Ukrainians, Greeks, civilians will be held accountable. We will win together and rebuild Mariupol“.

I believe that we will win, but all together, glory to Ukraine“, – said the President of Ukraine, to whom the Greek deputies applauded.

Long live Ukraine, long live freedom”, said Kostas Tassoulas.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, as well as the leader of the official opposition, Alexis Tsipras, took part in a special plenary session of the Plenary, while KKE and Hellenic Solution MPs are absent in protest. It is noted that the Mayor 25 party was represented by one deputy.

The meeting was opened by the Speaker of the Parliament Kostas Tassoulas with a short speech.

It is noted that the galleries of the Greek Parliament were closed from guests and journalists and the public did not have the opportunity to watch Zelensky’s speech. What is the reason for this measure, the speaker of the Greek Parliament did not explain.

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