The second phase of the war in Ukraine: its scale has been reduced

Analysts note that the war in Ukraine has entered the second phase, while noting the failures of the Russian troops in the first.

euronews quotes the opinion of Phillips O’Brien, an American historian and expert in the field of strategic studies:

It seems that the scale of the ongoing war has been seriously reduced. Now there is an attempt to cut off part of the south and east of Ukraine, and try to annex it to Russia, in fact, annex this territory. This is the transition from the first phase of the war to the second. The Russians are moving south and east their troops, previously sent to take Kyiv and the cities in the north.

The military expert draws attention to the fact that now is not the best time for redeployment – thaw and mud:

You can only drive on the road. It is very difficult to move in a roundabout way because of the mud. But being tied to the roads, you are limited in your freedom of maneuver. And this means that it becomes easier for Ukrainians to detect targets by focusing on the main roads along which the Russians will move.

The professor also believes that ideas about the capabilities of the Russian army need to be revised. In the course of hostilities in the first phase, 3/4 of the best combat formations were involved, but they failed.

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