Biden to the Americans: "If I have to fight, I will go with you guys."

The President of the United States pumps up military rhetoric, writes Breitbart. In a speech to union workers on Wednesday, he announced his readiness to fight Russia. “He will kill us all. He is worse than Stalin“, writes one reader.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden continued to whip up military rhetoric against Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Maybe this war will last a long time, but the US will not stop supporting Ukraine and its people in the fight for freedom,” he said. (the same war until … the last Ukrainian. Editor’s note).

The ongoing conflict was addressed by the president at a conference of US construction unions in Washington, DC. Biden elaborated on military assistance to Ukraine. “And by the way, if I have to fight, I’ll go with you guys,” – he said to the applause of the hall.

The President angrily condemned the new photos of the bodies of civilians that emerged from the city Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops. “The bodies were left on the streets after the withdrawal of Russian troops, some were wounded in the back of the head, with their hands tied behind their backs, civilians were executed in cold blood”– he said. Bodies are thrown into mass graves”, he continued, describing the scene in Ukraine. “The feeling of cruelty and inhumanity left the whole world without apologies.”

“Responsible countries must come together to bring these criminals to justice,” he said. Biden said that Russia is guilty of “massive war crimes.” “Responsible countries must come together and bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said. The President of the United States announced new sanctionspromising to “make Putin even more painful.”

Biden was upset that Congress questioned his commitment to the defense of Ukraine. He quoted Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s speech on Capitol Hill. “And what do you think we did? Why the hell are they even capable of fighting?” he said, paraphrasing Austin’s answer. “We trained them and gave them weapons, that’s why.”

On Tuesday, Biden said he had ordered additional arms supplies to Ukraine to help it deal with Russia, but admitted that some of the aid was being provided covertly. “We cannot advertise each military unit separately, because help from allies and partners also comes through us, modern weapons and ammunition come to Ukraine every single day,” he said.

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Reader comments:

Dear Vlad. Please don’t mind. Joe… well, he’s an imbecile.
Uncle Gazpacho
Yes, Vlad has long realized!
white roses
Indeed. With his long tongue, he will kill us all. He is worse than Stalin and other historical dictators. He hates his country and wants to destroy it. The country that gave him everything. True, he stole it in order – at the same time with Hunter. “Take and Divide” This is their mantra. They don’t build anything better than their bank accounts. All they do is destroy. The proof is in his actions. He has turned our country into a living nightmare.

That’s right, you won’t gain anything from nuclear strikes, unless the treacherous elite wants to live underground for a long time. Joe doesn’t care. He will not open his mouth to cave dwellers in the Middle East. He’s so crazy that he has no idea what he’s talking about or what he’s had for breakfast, let alone what he’s talking about as the most powerful nuclear power in Eurasia.

He has nothing to do within a mile radius of a nuclear button. Who the hell have these Democrats scammed into office? Any old man in a nursing home would have done a better job.
Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
Chaos at home, but strength abroad. Here is the globalist formula of “participation” (to label others as “isolationists”) and “hospitality” (to label others as “chauvinists”). This whole strategy is designed for brainwashing, not for the security and prosperity of America. Nobody cares about success. The main thing is to supply the state media with quotes and slogans in an election year.
Irate Nate
Maybe just hand over Biden to Putin without any conditions there?
Joe: “I swear to you, in front of the mirror it sounded much cooler.”
Janos Skorzeny
It’s funny how the American leftists have been playing with the Russians for decades, and as soon as they abandoned communism, they are so fiercely seeking war. Very revealing.
Michael Scarn
I thrive when Potato Joe makes a tough guy.
Brandon is the first president to declare war on his own country.
Dementia overcomes him. This is scary.
Attila the Hun
Every day I say that Joe will not get worse. But he never ceases to convince me otherwise.
landy fincannon
Expect undercover provocations.
In 1962, two world leaders were smart enough to know it was time to stop. Biden, on the contrary, will lead us to nuclear war, because he is dumb as a cork.
Frank Jablonski
Let’s hope this idiot doesn’t drag us into a real gunfight over a country that most Americans can’t even find on a map. They will tell you the dimensions of the Kardashian bust at any time, but to find Ukraine – ask what is easier.
Status Crow
What about Russia’s security, huh, Joe? Because of her, all the porridge was brewed. That NATO does not deploy troops, equipment, biological weapons and missile systems 500 miles from Moscow.
Listen, Joe, have you been to Vietnam? And then we waited, but did not wait.
They are so eager to cancel the 2022 elections that our stupid president even inflates the third world for this.
This is, like, how did he deal with the Taliban *? Do not make me laugh!
Hunter is drugged to the eyeballs, he won’t even take chemical weapons. You can send it anywhere.
When he starts sniffing the nerve agent, that’s where the Russians will realize they’re screwed.
I don’t understand Biden’s love and loyalty to Ukraine, since they are not even in NATO … unless the “big guy” is afraid of losing the share that he receives with Hunter. Or he feels panicky about the US response to his several crises at home that are oppressing citizens and wants someone to blame instead of taking responsibility like a man.

For the sake of understanding the situation, it is worth reading the comments further …. Note. editions.

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