March 26, 2023

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Why did the killer mother put a tablet in her daughter’s grave

Georgina was buried with her tablet on Friday night, and the case has taken a new turn since then. What did the child-killing mother say when asked about this?

The testimony of witnesses about the girl’s gadget, which was placed in Georgina’s coffin at the last moment by her mother, Rula Pispirigo, was made public in Angelica Nicoluli’s program “The Light in the Tunnel” (Φως στο Τούνελ). As you know, the program is investigating cases of social significance, writes

Information about the tablet came from the caller to the program, and was subsequently confirmed by the management of the funeral home.

From that moment on, conversation began about opening Georgina’s grave so that the tablet would be returned. Perhaps it contains information that sheds light on girl’s death case. Until this happens, there is no corresponding resolution of the prosecutor’s office. However, no one excludes that the authorities will take this step in the near future.

Data obtained from electronic devices confiscated from the home of the Pispirigo-Daskalaki family in Patras will be processed first. In addition, the prosecutor’s office has removed “the secrecy of telephone conversations,” a process that is estimated to solve the mystery of how Rula Pispirigo obtained the banned substance that poisoned the girl – ketamine.

If that doesn’t work, the child may be asked to be exhumed to retrieve the tablet and any information that will help solve the case.

Recall that Rula Pispirigou has been in custody in Korydallos since yesterday. During another interrogation, the investigator asked her about the tablet. When asked why she buried her daughter with a tablet, Star reports, she replied: “We buried each child with their favorite items. Malena and Iris had their toys, teddy bears. And Georgina has a tablet. She did not part with him, was happy, laughed. She watched children’s programs and, despite encephalopathy and health problems, she understood the jokes.

Rula’s sister Pispiriga was also asked about the tablet, to which she replied that she did not even know what it was about.

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