Turkey accuses Greece of "genocide of the Greeks of Pontus"

Turkey holds anti-Greek conferences, declaring “Greek atrocities in Anatolia” and accusing the Greeks of … “the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus”.

Numerous Turkish teachers gathered at the Atatürk Cultural Center in Samsun at the initiative of the Federation of Black Sea Clubs and in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports to promote Ankara’s well-known propaganda, according to the Greek edition. newsbreak.

The speaker of the speech was Dr. Nilüfer Erdem from Ankara University, Dr. Cagla Tagbat from Marmara University, Dr. Neval Konuk Halacoglu and other scientists who represent Turkey as a victim of the “Asia Minor catastrophe”.

Having presented 43 documents at the speech, in which the professors explained the guilt of the Greeks in the uprising against the Ottoman Empire, they eventually declared Greece guilty and even planned how they would “revenge”!

Characteristic are the statements of the president of the Federation of Black Sea Associations, Salih Merich: “The Greek Ministry of Culture has allocated 1 million 800 thousand euros + VAT (about 30 million Turkish pounds) for 70 projects to address the “Turkish war against independence”, which they call the “catastrophe of Asia Minor” , in 2022. There will be a lot of research, such as children’s, youth, academic, and artistic activities.”

Stating that the Greek budget for these studies is significant, Merich said that NGOs in Greece have done a very successful job and that Turkish NGOs should increase their academic and artistic research, especially in European capitals, to stop the adoption of Greek positions. In addition, Meric noted that it is necessary to establish an institute in one of the Samsun universities in order to more effectively respond to allegations of genocide of the Greeks of Pontus.

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