Christodoulos Yalourides: It was a mistake to leave Turkey as a peacekeeper

Christodoulos Yalourides, professor of international politics at the University of Athens, Pantheon, considers it a mistake to favor Turkey as a peacemaker in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict:

“We are facing a war that is both illegal and a risk to global security.”

In his interview with CNN Greece, the professor points out the wrong attitude on the part of Greece towards the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. In particular, he emphasizes, with regard to the issue of negotiations between the two warring parties, as well as the issue of Athens’ open support for Kyiv.

Yalouridis calls it “hypocrisy” that “the international community, while being especially sensitive to the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, is at the same time blind to an almost identical situation, such as the Turkish occupation in northern Cyprus.”

The professor also believes that Russia will receive the full support of Beijing both in the United Nations, where Washington’s request to exclude Russia from the UN Human Rights Council is already being considered, and at the level of international sanctions that are intensifying against it, writes CNN Greece.

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