On sanctions against Russia: the contour map method

Interesting notes about sanctions against Russia. The author of the editionYour Finland” in 2015 provided an interesting comparison method based on contour maps. It is noteworthy that it is still relevant in 2022.

What is this method? I call it “Contour Maps”. The method is very simple. I suggest you take a map of the world and color it yourself several times.

We will make three cards. On the first map, let’s put the countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia (supposedly because of the events in Ukraine). On the second map, we will put the countries with the maximum external debt. And on the third – countries that are members of the NATO bloc. After that, we compare the cards. You can see the interesting finished result in the picture below.

This actually applies to Greece in the first place, since Greece’s debt is more than 200% of the country’s GDP – 421.7 billion US dollars for 10.5 million people (and this growth continues) – this is about 40,660 forever green for each person, including babies.

PS Today, I wrote for the umpteenth time to one of the newly banned commentators, yelling “The whole world is with us” and calling for the immediate destruction of Russia and all Russians with nuclear weapons, how many countries really support US policy. In fact, this is approximately the so-called. “hgolden billion“, which includes the countries EU, USA and Canada, Japan and Australia, South Korea. The rest of the almost 7 billion population of our planet, as it were, is not with you …

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