Easter without… the lamb

A severe shortage of money and skyrocketing prices threaten to “bury” traditional Greek customs at Easter 2022, at least for many, as significant inflation has also hit charcoal for the brazier. Suppliers note that “the coals on the market are over.”

As Christos Zyros, one of the largest coal traders in Patras, writes in the Peloponisos newspaper: “We will have big problems at Easter.”

He explained that last year at such a time he had a supply of 400 tons of charcoal, and this year only 40 tons. He stressed that imports have become very expensive due to transport, making trade in this commodity unprofitable.

At a large company in Patras, a ten-kilogram bag of charcoal is reported to cost about 20 euros today, while last year it cost 8.

A merchant from Aigio described the same situation. Grigoris Adamopoulos mentioned the most serious problem, which is none other than the underperformance of most ports, resulting in priority being given to the unloading of perishable products. At the same time, charcoal comes last on the list. According to him, the cost of transportation by container reaches 19,000 euros.

“The problems are very serious. The market is currently operating at 10% throughout Greece. And we are talking about a product that is very expensive and without a good burning quality. A bag of charcoal costs 12-14 euros, and in some cases it can go up to 20 euros.”

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