February 3, 2023

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D.Kutsumbas: “We do not choose the camp of robbers, we choose the camp of the peoples”

On Friday, April 4, 2022, thousands of people took part in a rally organized by the party organization of Attica of the KKE in front of the Greek Parliament, at which the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, spoke.

The rally was held under the slogan “No to imperialist war.” The protesters demanded to stop the involvement of the country in the war. They declared that the people were not going to pay for the war, for the high prices of electricity, gas and motor fuel, and for the high cost that dwindled the incomes of the working class.

Speaking at a numerous rally, D. Kutsumbas, among other things, noted:

“Today, here in Syntagma Square, Athens is shaking with the slogan, and its echo is scattered throughout Greece:

“We do not choose the camp of the robbers, we choose the camp of the people.”

We say: “No to imperialist war.”

We demand to stop the involvement of our country in it.

The people are not going to pay for the war.

For more than a month now, we have continued to chant “No to war” after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which we unequivocally condemned from the very beginning.

We choose the camp of the peoples, contrary to NATO propaganda, which seeks to force the people to choose the camp of robbers only in order to justify the crimes of the United States, NATO, EUcommitted in previous years, as well as the criminal plan that they have been implementing for a decade in Eastern Europe, to the detriment of the peoples of Ukraine and Russia.

We choose the camp of the peoples in defiance of government military declarations calling for peace in order to justify the imperialist war and the ever greater involvement of Greece in it.

We choose the camp of the peoples in defiance of the so-called “national line”, the so-called “unanimity”, the purpose of which is to support the plans of the United States and NATO in order to increase the profits of the Greek monopolies at the expense of the interests of the working class, the people.

We choose the camp of the peoples in defiance of anti-communism and the continuing slander against socialism. In spite of the silence, the distortion of the position of the KKE, which is a thorn in the eye of Euro-Atlantic propaganda.(…)

Greece will not accept the Euro-Atlantic narrative, which, using the unacceptable Russian invasion as an alibi, seeks to wash away US-NATO crimes.

They are worried that broad sections of the people, young people, scientists and artists do not accept war, do not want to choose one of the two camps of robbers.

First of all, they are worried that in Greece there is a Communist Party, there is a KKE, which for many years, even in the cloudless moments of the apparent world, followed the development of events, warned and, most importantly, pointed to the only patriotic and internationalist way out of the war. plans and imperialist alliances in which our country participates.

So they reopened the cobweb-covered chests to pull out the well-known bugbear of anti-communism (…)

And what have we not heard and read these days …

And even the fact that Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union, as if today’s capitalist, nationalist, reactionary Russia has something in common with a working-class multinational state in which dozens of peoples and nations lived peacefully for decades. (…)

They can’t fool anyone! And if today they support the Ukrainian government and invite the President of Ukraine to speak in parliament, it is not because they are hurt for the people of Ukraine, but because they are on the same course with the US-NATO-EU camp, which supports the Zelensky government.

As if they don’t know that Zelensky’s reactionary government, like Russia, is responsible for the suffering of the people of Ukraine.

As if they do not know that this government all these years supported and promoted the integration of Nazi organizations into the state apparatus. It persecutes and imprisons communists, it has outlawed the Communist Party of Ukraine.(…)

All this is well known both by government officials and their henchman journalists who blame the KKE for its position!

This is also known to SYRIZA, KINAL, MERA 25, who will take the bench in parliament to applaud Zelensky, because they all occupy a permanent bench in the Euro-Atlantic camp.

However, this consistent position of the KKE is also a manifestation of real solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are suffering from the imperialist war.

Today, anyone who says “no war, expresses solidarity with the people of Ukraine”, that is, anyone who does not adapt to the NATO narrative, the headquarters of the system are trying to identify with Russia. But it won’t work for them!

They will break their foreheads! It is they who, in the end, will have to pay for the monstrous lie (…)

We cannot understand war by examining the pretexts used by one belligerent or the other, because then we will draw erroneous conclusions. We can understand war only when we consider it as a continuation of politics by other violent means.

By applying this criterion, introduced by the great war theorist Clausewitz and adopted by Marxist thinkers, we can draw reliable conclusions. (…)

An imperialist war is a continuation of the “internal”, and not only “foreign” policy of each capitalist state, it is a continuation of the economic and state policy pursued in conditions of peace.

War operates according to the same “laws”, according to the same “rules” according to which capitalism itself operates in conditions of peace.

The same tendencies, the same forces that push for war: increased exploitation of the working class, competition between large business groups for market shares, the pursuit of maximum profit – that is what drives peace and war.

As always, the war in Ukraine has accelerated the implementation of already existing plans. Such as:

– A green transition strategy, first in the name of protecting the environment, now in the name of removing dependence on Russian gas, for which the people pay and will pay dearly.

– Alternative energy supply plans, such as liquefied and expensive US LNG, with Greek shipowners taking the lead in transporting it and preparing to make new profits.

– Currency war, when Russia and China are trying to move to the conclusion of energy deals in yuan and create a new international system of interbank payments.

All this was not only the result of the war, but was accelerated by it.

All this, however, is a response to the so-called pacifists who portray war as the madness of the rulers, as something inappropriate for the normal functioning of the capitalist system, only to keep intact the system that breeds wars. (…)

The working class, the people can and must draw their own independent line, far from all bourgeois and imperialist plans, with their own goals, with their own plan, in order to finally realize their dream, to build a world without poverty and wars (… )

To the important question of what our people should do in the war, there is only one answer: to take their place in the struggle against the involvement of each country in it.
This choice puts him on the right side of history, and not the choice of this or that imperialist camp.

The right side of history is the struggle in every country against war. It is a condemnation of Russia’s military intervention, as well as a condemnation of the US-NATO-EU that provoked the war.

This is a struggle to close all US-NATO military bases in our country.

This is a fight to ensure that not a single soldier, officer is sent abroad.

The armed forces of the country have nothing to do outside the borders, they are obliged to protect the borders, the territorial integrity of the Motherland, our sovereign rights.

The right side of history is the struggle for the people not to pay for the war! It’s not his duty!

This is a struggle to ensure that big capital, employers are not able to impose dead silence, while we are being drawn into the war!

Because at the same time, capital is rubbing its hands in anticipation of the benefits of participating in it, while the working class, the people, are losing a lot. Both literally and figuratively!

Every time we were told, “Let’s all go together,” the working class had to push themselves to the limit in order for the profits of capital to soar. They are doing the same thing now…

But now is our time!

The time has come to protect our lives, our children, from the great poverty brought about by war and high prices.

The time has come to prevent capital from intensifying exploitation.

The time has come for everyone to take their place next to the workers, as the song says, “so that the people do not pay for the war”!

It’s time to organize the fight for:

  • protecting the income of the population,
  • taking measures to combat the high cost,
  • significant relief of the popular strata from exorbitant utility bills,
  • abolition of VAT on consumer goods,
  • debt relief,
  • wage increases and the signing of collective labor agreements.

The time has come to strengthen the organization, the union in the trade unions, in other organizations of the people’s movement, in the struggle committees in neighboring districts, in the strike committees in the workplace, in order to strengthen the voice of the working people.

And this voice must be heard even louder during the strike on April 6, everywhere in Greece!”

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