December 2, 2023

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What do the heinous crimes of child murder and sulfuric acid attacks have in common?

What connects the criminals Rula Pispiriga and Efi Kakaranzula, who, having committed serious deeds, did not admit it?

Something in common in two tragic stories that stirred up the Greek public, strange coincidences (are they?) in life Rula Pispirigouwho personally killed children, and Efi Kakaranzula, who broke her rival’s life by dousing her with sulfuric acidwere discovered this morning by Ant1 journalists.

Tassos Tergiakis said that he binds violent criminals.

As it turned out, both women come from the same village, from Statas Valtos in Etoloakarnania, a town with a population of 300, located in the municipality of Amfilochia.

According to the journalist, both Efi and Rula purchased and used chemicals (in the first case, sulfuric acid, and in the second, the drug ketamine, which are very difficult to obtain.

With some kind of obsessive clouding of reason, following straight ahead to a terrible goal – murder (real or figurative), they used a chemical and did everything to keep the crime unsolved. It has not yet been established where they got the “murder weapons”.

Currently, Efi Kakaranzula is serving a term in prison without admitting to his deed. But, as in the case of Rula Pispirigo, in order to bring them to justice, according to criminologists, “one can do without sincere repentance,” since there is irrefutable evidence of guilt.

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