Skroutz: clothing, mobile phones and masks – this is the range in demand

Clothing, mobile phones, and protective masks as the coronavirus continues to “live with us” are the products that consumers mainly bought online in the last quarter through the Skroutz Marketplace.

Computer markets are still in high positions. The Skroutz platform (online store) presented statistics for purchases made between December 28, 2021 and March 28, 2022.

In the first place of consumer preferences are products of the category “Fashion and accessories”, and the consumer is looking for and buying mainly men’s jackets, women’s bags and men’s sweatshirts. The average cost of these products is 68, 65 and 43 euros, respectively.

Second place goes to the Mobile phones and accessories category, where consumers spend an average of 265 euros to buy mobile phones. They also spend an average of 126 euros on smartwatches, which is associated with an increase in the proportion of those who play sports – one of the habits that appeared during the period of self-isolation, and an average of 19 euros on mobile phone cases.

In third place in terms of preferences and purchases are products of the Health-Medicine group, namely protective masks, nutritional supplements and sunglasses. The obligation to use a mask indoors, and until a few weeks ago also outdoors, is apparently encouraging consumers to place bulk orders. According to the Skroutz Marketplace, a consumer spends an average of 90 euros on protective masks.

In fourth place are electronics markets, namely laptops, video cards and monitors. For the above items, the average cost was 596, 482 and 250 euros, respectively.

The top five consumer preferences are complemented by another category that has been boosted by the coronavirus. The reason is sporting goods: consumers in Greece spend an average of 64 euros on sneakers, 60 euros on sports shoes and 82 euros on mountaineering shoes.

It is worth noting that consumers are now more likely to buy even bulky furniture online, such as sofas, which was not the case before. According to the management of the Skroutz Marketplace, home goods are in sixth place, while buying mainly security cameras, LED lamps and sofas.

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