March 31, 2023

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Three people whose testimonies "burned" mother-child killer

Three important testimonies actually led to the arrest of Rula Pispirigo and landed her in prison. Medical expert, nurse and doctor at the Onassis Heart Center.

According to the information of Panagiotis Spyropoulos, set out in the publication “Ελεύθερο Τύπο”, these are the three points that the competent persons investigating the case drew attention to and considered very suspicious.

1. The presence of ketamine in the child’s blood. The expert claims that “Georgina was given an amount of ketamine that could … kill an elephant.”

2. Testimony of the hospital nurse, who noted the abnormal behavior (absolute calmness and slowness) of Rula Pispirigo when she turned to her, saying that her child was dying.

3. And finally, the testimony of the Onassis Center cardiac surgeon, who showed that the child’s heart was reliably “protected”, and she could not die from a heart attack.

All this became the “moment of truth”, as a result of which the mother of the child began to be suspected.

Busiani’s testimony: Ketamine killed Georgina in 10 minutes

The mystery began to unfold a few days ago, when the substance ketamine was found in Georgina’s blood. Then, in the AUTh laboratory, under the direction of Nikos Raikos, a study was conducted on the amount of ketamine found in the girl’s blood. The results were sent to the forensic expert Buzianis, who, in turn, told the authorities that the doctors could not prescribe the substance (let alone give it!) And besides, the dose of the substance (used in veterinary medicine) was lethal.

The 6 mg of ketamine per ml of blood found in the child’s blood was most likely injected intravenously, causing his death in less than 10 minutes. The amount of ketamine was such that it would kill even an adult.

Ketamine did not have time to metabolize (since it takes 1.5 hours, but the child died, in which case the substance did not have time to decompose), which is why it was found, the medical examiner says.

Forensic expert Sotiris Buzianis testified on Wednesday morning to police officers of the Department for the Prosecution of Crimes Against Life.

The time of manifestation of side effects of ketamine is:

  • immediate (seconds) after intravenous administration,
  • 1-5 minutes after intramuscular injection,
  • 5-10 minutes intranasally,
  • 15-20 minutes when administered orally.

Intravenous ketamine may cause sleep apnea, which, if left untreated, leads to respiratory and cardiac arrest. Other side effects caused by ketamine are tachycardia, depression, arterial hypertension, convulsions, heart rhythm disturbances, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Where she got the ketamine and why Rula Pispirigu dealt with her daughters, the investigators have to figure it out.

As you know, when a mother the child killer was arrested, she was almost torn to pieces by an angry mob.

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