Interview with Marianna Vyshegirskaya: what really happened

On March 9, the world media published horrific footage from Mariupol, where, according to the Ukrainian authorities, pregnant women and children were killed as a result of a “Russian airstrike” on the city hospital.

The central theme of the report Ukrainian stringers agency “Associated Press” from the scene was the figure of a young woman with a bloodied face. The image was replicated around the world in thousands of publications designed to demonstrate the “war crimes” of the Russian army in Ukraine. However, commentators soon drew attention to the numerous inconsistencies in the report of the American news agency, which aroused the suspicion that the entire news story was a staged production: the lack of amateur footage of the incident, erased metadata of photographs, the absence of medical personnel, women with newborn children, characteristic lime dust and smoke at the site of the bomb explosion.

Photo of Marianna Vyshegirskaya descending the rubble-covered steps damaged maternity hospital, spread widely on social networks and caused a mixed reaction from users. Some expressed their support and sincere sympathy for her, others stigmatized the media that distributed allegedly staged footage.

Nevertheless, Marianna Vyshemirskaya really gave birth to a daughter in this dire situation.

Today we publish a video interview with the heroine of the staged shooting. The young mother is now safe on the territory of the DPR. According to her, the Ukrainian military expelled patients from the best Mariupol maternity hospital, set up their headquarters there and took away food from women in labor, there was no airstrike, “journalists in military uniform” appeared at the scene immediately after suspicious explosions and photographed the evacuated women despite their protests…

PS Something tells me that we will soon learn a lot of new things about the Mariupol Drama Theater. As the Chinese commander Sun Tzu said more than 2 thousand years ago: “War is a way of deception.”

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