Horses in Greece need urgent protection – please sign the petition!

No one knows how many horses, donkeys and mules are in Greece, where they live, in what conditions, when and how they change the owner, and how their life ends.

This is because Greece does not comply with European rules, which since 2008 require all horses in Europe to be identified and registered.

Unidentified and unregistered horses are by definition anonymous, and this anonymity allows for rampant exploitation (trafficking, trafficking/illicit use and killing) and endless abuse. It also makes any control of vector-borne infectious diseases virtually impossible.

Using one excuse after another, Greece has for 14 years shied away from complying with European horse law, which requires every horse to be identified and registered.

IPPOTHESISthe Panhellenic Society for the Protection of Horses, has created a petition to be delivered to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture, as well as the responsible commissioners EU.

As a horse charity, we are extremely concerned by the fact that Greece does not apply European rules for horses and does not have national legislation to protect them. To make matters worse, legislation passed in 2021 establishes that horses can no longer be owned as pets, effectively depriving them of their only opportunity to receive some protection and making them even more vulnerable to abandonment and abuse.

For example: “for the murder of a cat or a dog in Greece, the perpetrator can be imprisoned or punished with a large fine, while there is no punishment for killing a horse.”

In any case, the identification and registration of horses has been mandatory for all Member States since 2008 and there is no reason for Greece not to comply with them.

Put an end to the irresponsibility associated with the treatment of horses. Tell the Greek government to start identifying and registering horses NOW.

The petition will be delivered to:

Prime Minister of Greece

President of the Hellenic Republic

Minister of Rural Development and Food

European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

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The IPPOTHESIS website is also in English here.

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