2021 Income Tax Declaration Platform Opened March 31st

The online platform for filing income tax returns for 2021 opened on Thursday 31 March 2022. When entering it, taxpayers must confirm their personal and contact details. Access is possible only with special taxinet codes.

By July 1, 2022, about 6.4 million taxpayers must file tax returns. It should be noted that the collection of solidarity from income from private sector wages, business, real estate and dividends remains frozen.

The new tax forms (E1, E2 and E3), which are completed and submitted electronically by taxpayers, have some changes compared to last year.

New codes

With minor changes and new codes, the basic form E1 of the tax return was issued:

  1. Codes 043-044. They concern those who have transferred their tax residence to Greece and receive income from their activities.
  2. Codes 873-874. Carry forward losses from the sale of securities of previous tax years that were not offset by profit for the same reason and divided into domestic/foreign.
  3. Codes 081, 082, 083. The rental declaration number is on the rent you paid for the family’s primary residence.
  4. Codes 084, 085, 086. For the rent you paid for student children, the number of the declaration of rent is indicated.
  5. Code 087. Applies to the lease of real estate, except for the main place of residence and the place of residence of studying children. Announcement of the rental declaration number.
  6. Codes 818, 820 and 822. To be completed by the spouse if he/she was included in a specific lease or concerns the residence of a dependent child who did not purchase it with the debtor.
  7. Codes 633-634. The amount paid to full-time professors and teachers at universities that do not carry out individual entrepreneurial activities is declared on the special account of scientific funds (SNIF) of the university.
  8. Code 033. Write down for the debtor all his children, i.e. common children with his wife and not common children.

Spouses statements. In the joint declarations of the spouses, a separate tax certificate is drawn up and two acts of additional tax assessment are issued, one for each of the spouses. The loan amounts of one spouse are not set off against any debts of the other, and if they have both loan amounts, they are returned to each beneficiary separately.

Separate statements of the spouses. Spouses may file separate declarations of their income. Mandatory separate reports are filed in cases where the marital cohabitation was terminated at the time of filing the declaration or one of the two spouses is in a state of bankruptcy, or has applied for legal assistance.


  • businesses and self-employed persons working in villages of up to 500 inhabitants and on islands of less than 3,100 inhabitants, unless they are tourist sites;
  • farmers – members of agricultural cooperatives;
  • those who have started a business but are in a state of bankruptcy or inactivity. In the event that the inactivity does not cover the entire tax year, the payment for work is limited depending on the months of work.

Electronic receipts have been cancelled. Codes 023-024 are filled in by taxpayers who are exempted from the obligation to make expenses using electronic means of payment, such as taxpayers aged 70 and over, people with a disability of 80% or more, recipients of a minimum guaranteed income.

Beginning entrepreneurs. For those who started operations on or after 1 January 2019, for the first three years of operation, a tax rate of 4.5% from 9% is applied, provided that the annual gross income from entrepreneurial activity or agricultural business does not exceed 10,000 euros .

Uncollected rent. It must first be completed on Form E2 if, by the due date for filing an annual tax return, a payment order or rent order, or a court order to cancel or award rent, or clear photocopies of them were submitted to the tax office prior to filing, were issued in respect of the tenant declarations.

Tax advance 50%. For taxpayers submitting a business income declaration for the first time, a tax advance reduced by 50% is calculated.

Income tax due after the processing of declarations can be paid in eight equal monthly installments: the first at the end of July and the last on February 28, 2023.

This report must be filed by all Greek tax residents, i.e. persons who reside in Greece for at least 183 days a year. Persons who do not file a declaration will be punished with a fine, and those who hide their income, starting from the amount of 1,000 euros, criminal cases are opened. Such a case can be opened even 20 years after discovery (there is practically no statute of limitations, there have already been examples), while fines and penalties will be charged for all years from the moment of violation.

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