The government provided a support package for 4 billion euros

During his speech to the Council of Ministers, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that more support for producers would be announced in the coming days, especially for fertilizers and animal feed.

Along with EU is doing – or will be doing in the future – collectively, Greece is on its own moving towards less energy crisis . Prime Minister announced this yesterday Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during a speech before Cabinet of Ministersnoting that measures against imported inflation now amount to almost 4 billion euros, and initiatives to manage the consequences of the war are ongoing in four areas:

one. Increasing the income of low-income categories of citizens through emergency assistance in the amount of 200 euroswhich will be provided before Easter, as well as subsidies aimed at covering a large part of the increase in electricity, with a subsidy for fuel and, of course, with special provisions for small, medium and large enterprises, for farmers, for transport (more in the publication Subsidies promised before Easter).

2. Market relevance is moving by replacing part of imports from Ukraine and Russia, which will now have to be found elsewhere or produced in Greece, for example, by growing sunflower for sunflower oil, which is currently in great demand.

3. Trying to start cultivation agricultural products on more than 121,000 hectares of unused land. More recently, this regulation was included in the EU toolbox, where it was specified that producers would continue to receive the benefit. for non-use of landwhich, however, they will now be able to process.

4. Additional manufacturer supportespecially for fertilizers and animal feed, which will be announced in the coming days.

The Prime Minister stated that war in Ukraine is creating what he described as an atmosphere of unrest, unprecedented in the international community, which is exacerbating the health crisis of the past two years. However, at the same time, he acknowledged that the new reality emerging in the Eastern Mediterranean allows Greece to “play a leading role.” In this context, he referred to the Greek proposal for the joint purchase and storage of natural gas on behalf of all European Union member states, as well as the first decisions taken regarding the reconciliation of the EU and the United States, which “showed that this is an option that can give tangible, effective and fast results.

Finally, the prime minister mentioned his recent emergency tax initiative energy superprofits companies at a rate of 90%. However, he added that “the amounts that will be taxed cannot be taken from the ceiling, they must first be clearly calculated by the Independent Regulatory Authority”, concluding that his government has demonstrated the absence of ideological obsessions, does not hesitate to act in favor of the citizen and, if necessary , without hesitation regulates the markets.

Equipment for distributors

In a social media post, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced measures to support distributors. In particular, online delivery platforms must now provide a motorcycle and a protective helmet for the movement of their distributors, and in addition, according to the Prime Minister, they must provide waterproof protection, gloves and a reflective vest. In case they choose to use their own facilities and equipment, they will be entitled to special compensation, Kyriakos Mitsotakis added. According to him, this obligation of the employer is determined by the law on labor protection, which was adopted by the government “despite the demagogy of SYRIZA*”. “Introduction is the answer of the state, which takes care of the employee. And in difficult times, when salaries in Greece are still low, trying to make his daily life easier by empowering him.”

* SYRIZA’s demagoguery was precisely to pass this law.


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