February 3, 2023

Athens News

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Tragedy in Corinth: destroyed restaurant, at least one victim

A massive explosion in Corinth leveled a catering business. Burnt parts of human flesh were found after the fire.

A massive explosion was heard as far as the Corinth Canal after midnight this afternoon, causing residents of the city to jump onto their balconies in alarm. Apparently there was a gas leak. At the scene, 10 firefighters in five vehicles were involved. After extinguishing the fire, already at dawn, body parts were found in the ruins, confirming the fears about the people inside.

A thorough inspection of the site of the tragic incident is currently being carried out in order to determine whether there were other people in the building, except for one who died.

Earlier, our publication told how in the center of the Greek capital, not far from the colonnade of Olympian Zeus, there was a massive explosion. After him, a fire broke out in a 6-storey building. Traffic along Syngrou Avenue in both directions was blocked. A powerful explosion in the very center of the capital, in a house at 3 Singru Avenue, shook the nearby streets around 07:00 am. The shock wave was so strong that window glass flew out on the opposite side of the avenue. Its sound was heard in many parts of Athens.

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