The inhabitants of the Kiev zoo in the conditions of war

How do the inhabitants of the zoo, located in the center of the Ukrainian capital, live in the conditions of hostilities? There are no visitors now, but the animals remained in their enclosures.

Kiev zoo workers say that the first three days of the invasion were the hardest for the animals. A rocket exploded not far from their habitat, and the animals recovered for several days after the stress received from the loud sound.

“Elephant and war are incompatible things,” says Kirill Trantin, a zoo worker. Horace, that is the name of the elephant, was restless for four days. Other animals did not feel better either: a pregnant female lemur gave birth to two cubs on the day of the explosion, but she refused one due to stress, and people had to take care of the baby into their own hands – give regular massages and feed baby food.

The lions living in the zoo gained weight from the stressful environment, and they had to change their diet. And the gorilla Tony, at 47, is extremely sensitive to the sounds of sirens.

German zoos have offered to temporarily house the animals, but moving under such conditions is too complicated and risky. Polish colleagues help with food, and zoo workers appealed to the people of Kiev to help: buy a ticket online, and postpone the visit to peaceful days, when the war is over, writes euronews.

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