February 3, 2023

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WSJ: Participants in Russian-Ukrainian talks were poisoned

The Wall Street Journal informsthat Abramovich and two other participants in the Russian-Ukrainian talks on March 3, including Rustem Umerov, felt unwell after the talks in Kyiv.

“Following a meeting in the capital of Ukraine, Mr. Abramovich, who travels between Moscow, Lviv and other negotiating venues, as well as at least two members of the Ukrainian delegation, developed symptoms including redness of the eyes, persistent and painful watery eyes, peeling of the skin on the face, and hands,” the article says.

It follows from the publication that Abramovich, after the start of the war, visited not only Kyiv, but also Lviv, and also met personally with President Vladimir Zelensky.

Public News Service informedthat Abramovich handed over to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin note from Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. In the letter, according to the American publication, the Ukrainian leader outlined the country’s position on the terms of the peace agreement. After handing over the note, Abramovich flew to Istanbul. Earlier it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally approved participation of businessman Roman Abramovich in negotiations on peace agreements between Moscow and Kiev.

According to the WSJ, Volodymyr Zelensky has no symptoms of poisoning. A source close to Abramovich told the publication that he did not know who was behind the poisoning attempt. Roman Abramovich himself has not yet commented on the information.

The newspaper also interviewed Western experts, who said it was difficult to determine whether the symptoms were caused by chemical or biological weapons, or some kind of electromagnetic radiation, writes WSJ.

People’s Deputy Rustem Umerov stated that everything was fine with him and urged not to trust dubious sources of information. Sergei Nikiforov, a spokesman for President Volodymyr Zelensky, said he had no information about suspected poisoning.

In late February and early March, unofficial sources reported that Roman Abramovich takes part in peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Abramovich’s visit to Ukraine and the talks in Kyiv were not previously known. According to official data, Russia and Ukraine held several rounds of face-to-face talks on the territory of Belarus, and then the delegations continued to communicate via video link. New face-to-face round of negotiations must pass in istanbul.

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