Greece roadmap for the abolition of Covid-Pass and indoor masks

Greek epidemiologists have outlined a roadmap to lift coronavirus protection measures, including the abolition of the Covid-Pass, as well as the mandatory use of masks in enclosed spaces, media reported on Sunday.

However, the lifting of measures will largely depend on the course of the pandemic and the burden on the national health system.

According to an exclusive report by the Greek TV channel Skai, epidemiologists are considering canceling the Covid-Pass from Monday, May 2, 2022. However, if data on the pandemic improves, the cancellation could even come two weeks earlier, at the start of Holy Week, i.e. April 18.

The abolition of the Covid-Pass, i.e. the certificate of vaccination and recovery from Covid, will allow unvaccinated citizens to enter shops and enjoy food, coffee or drink on open areas of restaurants and in other places without a rapid test.

Also considered removal of the mandatory use of masks in enclosed spaces, but only for customersand not for staff. According to some media reports, masks will also be canceled in supermarkets and hairdressers.

It is expected that the mask will be mandatory in institutions such as hospitals and facilities for vulnerable categories of citizens, as well as in public transport, according to the state broadcaster ERT.

The abolition of these two measures is planned no earlier than August 31, provided that there is no new outbreak of the pandemic and no new mutation of covid-19.

Covid-test for staff and workers will be reduced to one a week from two now.

The roadmap was reportedly laid out at a committee of epidemiologists meeting last Wednesday and is scheduled to be discussed again at a meeting next week. Reportedly what it is possible that health experts could also agree to lift the measures this coming Wednesday, although some of them are reportedly skeptical about that date.

Recall that the Ministry of Health announced cancellation of a fine of 100 euros for unvaccinated citizens over 60 from April 15, and from April 1 – to reduce the number of self-tests for Covid-19 for students and teachers.

We remind you that while those who have not received the third dose of the vaccine, at the moment do not have access to visit:

  • nightclubs,
  • indoor taverns and restaurants,
  • theaters,
  • cinemas,
  • museums,
  • lectures,
  • conferences,
  • gyms.

Daily Infections decreased significantly over the past 3-4 days, however this is due to much fewer tests conducted due to the long weekend and the March 25 national holiday.


March 25: daily infections 16,234, deaths 35, intubation 343

March 26: daily infections 16,558, deaths 56, intubation 341

March 27: daily infections 13,429, deaths 52, intubation 343

March 28: 27490 daily infections, 73 deaths, 342 intubations.

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