Greece: African dust and heat on the horizon

In the coming days, summer-like hot weather will come, but the sun’s rays will hardly break through the dusty masses from Africa.

Weather forecaster Sakis Arnautoglu writes on Facebook that high temperatures and African dust pollution will peak in the middle of the week, he is quoted as saying

A significant transfer of African dust is expected in our country in the coming week, the peak of which will be on the following Thursday-Friday. This is due to the expansion of the low pressure zone in the Western Mediterranean, which, combined with the high pressure in our region, will create a strong southerly flow in the Central Mediterranean, which will carry dust from Africa much further north than usual.

This flow of gaseous masses will also cause a noticeable increase in temperature throughout the country. On the following Thursday-Friday, maximum temperatures in the east of the mainland, locally close to 27-28°C, and in the north of Crete to 28-29°C and possibly 30°C, are not excluded, although sunlight, due to dust and clouds , will be limited.

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