Digital fines on transport will be issued to free riders on the spot

The traditional issuance of fines, the procedure by which OASTH inspectors imposed them on passengers who did not “stamp” or did not have a ticket, is being phased out.

This is being replaced by “smart” mobile phones with a wireless printer. Now the fines will be recorded in digital form, and the receipt for violators will be printed out and issued on the spot (in transport). These days, toll inspectors receive electronic devices and are trained on how to use them. The digital recording of fines is part of a more comprehensive process of restructuring and modernizing the traffic control department.

During this period, OASTH is installing special barriers between drivers and passengers on buses, which will lead to the opening and use of the first entrance door (during the coronavirus pandemic, entry through the front door was prohibited and covered with a barrier film).

The goal for the future is to passengers boarded buses exclusively through the first door, so that the driver could check whether the ticket was issued, and also whether the passenger has an unlimited travel card.

The exclusive use of the front door, which will initially be experimental, dates from the end of spring and, in any case, depends on the course of the pandemic.

As a reminder, in the context of efforts to raise passenger awareness on the proper use of public transport and the fight against fare evasion, OASTH is launching an awareness campaign. “The imposition of fines is not an end in itself. We ask citizens to support the organization by buying and punching a ticket,” said Georgios Skodras, President and CEO of OASTH, “In January 2022, compared to January 2021, we had a 130% increase in sales of unlimited passes.”

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