Putin… is dead. “It’s a heavy loss”

No no! Everything is fine with the Russian president. A tiger named Putin has died at an American zoo.

A 12-year-old tiger died of a heart attack in one of the US zoos, but the media tried to attract readers with sensational headlines. The Bulgarian publication Fakty called it “pathetic propaganda”, reminding that “the real Putin is alive and the US trembles before him.”

Tiger Putin lived in a zoo Minnesota and died during a planned medical procedure, employees of the institution said:

“The tiger was undergoing preventive health checks, which included taking samples to aid in breeding. Despite the extremely heroic efforts of veterinarians, animal health professionals and zoo keepers, he did not survive.”

The zoological park says that breeding and specimen collection are of great importance for species that are endangered, such as the Amur tiger. They take the death of an animal hard:

“Today is an incredibly difficult day for all of us at the Minnesota Zoo and we will be mourning for quite some time. Our zoo has played a key role in global tiger conservation throughout our history, and we are currently co-leading the Tiger Conservation Campaign, which has raised millions of dollars for tiger conservation. While this loss is great, we can be proud of our efforts – past, present and future – to advance the conservation of tigers around the world.”

The deceased tiger Putin was born in 2009 in the Czech Republic, since 2015 he lived in the Minnesota Zoo, says inosmi.ru. The institution said in a statement:

“His genetically important legacy lives on as he produced many cubs, including one born in 2017 at the Minnesota Zoo.”

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