Shock in Egaleo: Aunty threw her two nieces off a balcony, then jumped herself

On the day of the national holiday on March 25, a shocking incident occurred in the Egaleo metropolitan area: a woman threw two underage nieces from a balcony, and then followed them herself.

The horrifying incident took place on a Friday morning. The three wounded were taken away by an EKAB ambulance. The children were taken to the hospital “Παίδων” and their inadequate aunt to Triasio. The woman’s nieces are two and five years old.

According to preliminary information, writes, which has not yet been confirmed, the woman came to visit her sister, for some unknown reason grabbed her two underage nieces and threw them off the balcony. Then she jumped after them. There are no reports of injuries or the condition of the victims at this time. An investigation into the reasons for this behavior of the woman is underway.

Expert opinion

Sometimes we hear stories about how a person jumped out of a window or jumped off a roof and thus committed suicide. To those who think about suicide, this method seems the most obvious and easy. However, there is one problem: it is quite difficult to kill yourself in this way. We know how many high jumps end not with death at all, but with disability. There are many times more such cases than cases of quick and easy death. Often people fall from a great height and remain after that to live (although, as a rule, with a completely different quality of life).

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