France, Greece and Turkey want to evacuate residents of Mariupol

He announced his intentions to evacuate everyone from the Ukrainian Mariupol at yesterday’s press conference following the results of the summit EU French President Emmanuel Macron.

Greece and Turkey want to carry out a humanitarian action together with France. Newspaper Le Monde quotes the French president:

“This operation will be carried out, together with Turkey and Greece, to evacuate everyone who wants to leave Mariupol. We organize everything in the best possible conditions. In this city of over 400,000 people, another 150,000 residents live in catastrophic conditions. Yesterday we decided to launch an exceptional humanitarian operation, which we will discuss shortly in our conversation with President Putin. Together with Turkey and Greece, we are going to launch a humanitarian operation to evacuate everyone who wants to leave Mariupol.”

Previously returned to Greece, Manolis Androulakis, Greek Consul in Mariupol, spoke about the tragedy in Mariupol and Ukraine, urging everyone to join forces for a ceasefire, since, according to him, civilians are dying. The diplomat spoke about the difficulties in the city, which now does not resemble the former Mariupol. He spoke about the tragedy for the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, and said that Mariupol would be added to the list of cities destroyed by wars, such as Guernica, Aleppo, Leningrad.

In the coming days, reports “Gazeta.Ru”, Macron will discuss the evacuation issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that he had already contacted the mayor of Mariupol and representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, reports Reuters:

“Today there was a specific conversation with the mayor of Mariupol. We are coordinating our actions.”

As writes “News”On March 23, the French president announced that France intends to continue negotiations with the Russian Federation for as long as necessary. He expressed hope for a ceasefire and peace talks. Before that, Putin had several telephone conversations with Macron, during which the parties exchanged views on the situation in Ukraine and Donbass, and also discussed the course of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations.

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