Electroshock: electricity bills "opaque"

In Serres, an incredible story with an overcharged electricity bill came to the attention of journalists.

The lawyer’s client Ariadnis Nouka, the owner of a public catering company, who received an invoice for 1,440 euros, after filing an objection with the supplier, learned that the corresponding invoice amounted to 26.73 euros.

The electricity bill that came to him was more than overpriced. The fee of 1440 euros at first made him desperate, but he wanted to know where such a sum came from. The man contacted the electricity supplier, filed an objection and, according to the lawyer who represents him, is now going to court. The company seemed to admit its mistake regarding the accrual, but did not return the money, reports ethnos.gr.

Due to the fact that the return did not happen, the owner of the catering establishment was forced to go to court. This is all because, according to Ms. Noka, billing system is not transparent.

As Athens News wrote earlier, a period of time when energy prices were formed both on the international market and in our country at a record high level, Greece last month was one of the three countries EUwhere the final, real prices for electricity consumption have decreased, while in other countries their growth has been recorded.

According to the Energy Exchange data, based on government-announced energy bill subsidies and a monthly survey of retail electricity prices in 33 European countries (www.energypriceindex.com), the situation is as follows:

In Greece (Athens), the average electricity price, including taxes, in January was 18.51 cents per kilowatt-hour (185.1 euros per megawatt-hour) compared to the EU average of 26.07 cents per kilowatt-hour -27.

The most “expensive” countries EU are Germany (50.07 cents/kWh), Denmark (46.69) and Belgium (45.87 cents/kWh).

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