Until 2032, there will be no surcharge for mobile communications in the EU

MEPs have decided to spend another decade without paying extra for mobile phones in EU.

The legal framework agreed in December between parliament and the council is a continuation of the roaming value-added service rule introduced in 2017. Mobile phone users will continue to make calls while traveling abroad within the EU without additional charges, except for those who have already paid In your country.

The same quality and speed of mobile connection

In addition, they will enjoy the same quality and speed of mobile communication abroad as in their own country. Providers will be required to offer roaming services of the same quality as the services they provide in the country of residence, provided that the same exists in the network of the country visited by consumers.

In discussions with the Council, MEPs secured the inclusion in the new rules of a provision prohibiting actions that reduce the quality of roaming services, for example, by converting a connection from 4G to 3G.

Free access to emergency services

Travelers and people with disabilities will have access to emergency services at no extra charge by calling or texting, including the transmission of caller ID information. Telephony service providers must also provide information about the European emergency number 112.

Call for the elimination of additional charges for calls within the EU

During discussions with Member State ministers, MEPs have pushed for the end of extra charges for calls within the EU (eg from Belgium to Italy), as consumers remain confused about the difference between roaming calls and calls within the EU. Today, the cost of calls within the EU is a maximum of 0.19 euros per minute. The agreement provides that the commission will consider this issue and assess the need for a further reduction in the ceiling, writes iefimerida.gr.

Wholesale roaming charges (i.e. when one provider charges another for the use of the networks of the first by the clients of the second) will charge a maximum of 2 euros per gigabyte from 2022 and will gradually decrease to 1 euro by 2027. If consumers exceed the limits of their roaming contract, any additional charges cannot exceed the wholesale roaming limits.

The legislation, approved by 581 votes to 2, with 5 abstentions, will come into effect after council approval.

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