Month of war in Ukraine – step by step, day by day, events and facts

The war in Ukraine has not stopped for a month now. Both armies suffer losses. The sounds of sirens are drowned out by the roar of explosions, and the spring sun cannot break through the smoke of conflagrations.

A month ago, what they talked about and argued about, but which no one fully believed in, suddenly became a reality: on February 24, tens of thousands of Russian soldiers began invasion of Ukraine on three sides – north, east and south. Worst scenario became a reality. He was condemned by many countries, including Greece. A few hours later, under the control of Russian troops is Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The next day, February 25, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky orders a general mobilization.

The reaction of the West was immediate. In the following days, he announces an unprecedented cascade sanctions against Russia. Banks are disconnected from the international financial system SWIFT. Russian President Vladimir Putin puts the nuclear deterrence forces on special alert.

The resistance of the “liberated” Ukrainians turned out to be more bitter and furious than expected. The President of the country refuses to evacuate and remains in Ukraine. He calls on fellow citizens to defend the country, and the international community to help Ukraine.

Russian troops, meanwhile, are advancing east and south, entering Kherson, the first major Ukrainian city under their control. Kherson residents are actively demonstrating their rejection of the “liberators”.

After another 2 days, during fierce fighting, the Russian military captured the largest in Europe Zaporozhye nuclear power plantcausing concern in the international community.

The pace of the invasion of Ukraine is slowing down, but not stopping. Satellite images showed how a large military convoy was blocked on the highway leading to Kyiv. In the most severe siege is Mariupol. In the besieged city destroyed maternity hospitalchildren’s Hospital, theatrein which hundreds of people are fleeing from shelling and bombing.

The war does not spare the civilian population. Residential areas of cities are subjected to massive shelling, although the Russian Ministry of Defense claims that the purpose of the Russian army is only military infrastructure. Most attempts to open humanitarian corridors fail. Mariupol residents bury the dead in mass graves, on playgrounds, just in the yards. Millions of women and children are trying to leave the war zone. They flee to neighboring countries, most remain in Poland.

Meanwhile, several thousand Russians are gathering at the huge stadium in Moscow’s Luzhniki to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. At a gala concert in honor of the anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, the Russian president makes a number of statements about the special operation.

The war has not stopped for a month… Both armies are suffering losses… Both sides declare the tactical successes of their armies, while refuting the successes of the enemy… Civilians and children are dying… During the month of the war, every fifth Ukrainian was forced to leave his home , about four million people left Ukraine for neighboring states. The talks on the cessation of hostilities are called the “dialogue of the deaf” by the media, states euronews.

February 24 to March 23 “The country”, the UN recorded 2,685 civilian casualties: 1,035 killed (including 109 children), 1,650 wounded (including 130 children). According to the UN, the Russian “New Newspaper”the majority of civilians in Ukraine are killed as a result of shells with a wide radius of destruction – these are shelling of heavy artillery, as well as rocket and air strikes. Real losses, according to the UN, are much higher.

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