Don’t Throw Greek Flags in the Trash

Minister of the Interior Makis Voridis announced the obligations of state bodies, private companies, as well as households, in connection with March 25, regarding the national symbol of Greece.

The need to fully comply with the obligations regarding the status of the national flag, raised both in public and municipal buildings, and in private companies and homes, is indicated by the Minister of the Interior Makis Voridis in a directive sent to all public and municipal bodies on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary of March 25, writes

Instruction for Greek flags in connection with March 25, based on the provisions of law 851/1978:

  • Flying flags must be of suitable clean fabric and kept in good condition.
  • Flags that have been damaged, faded or incorrectly made must be replaced (not allowed to be used).
  • The hanging flag should be replaced regularly to prevent possible damage.
  • Replaced flags are not thrown away, but disposed of.

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