February 8, 2023

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Dog attacks student at school

At recess, the dog attacked the schoolgirl, tore the jacket and blouse she was wearing, and started biting her back.

A stray dog ​​ended up on the grounds of Velestinos High School during recess yesterday morning, March 24th. The animal attacked the girl, tore her jacket and bit her on the back, as a result of which the student was taken to the hospital for first aid.

The incident happened during a break between classes. According to Taxydromos.gr, the student was in the canteen. She was sitting on a bench when a dog suddenly attacked her.

Seeing what was happening, the girl’s classmates began to scream. The teacher on duty intervened, chasing the dog and then taking the student to the hospital for first aid. in.gr.

This is not the first time that the Velestino gymnasium-lyceum complex has taken place. Two months ago, a group teacher was attacked by a dog.

Teachers report that the problem has existed at the school for years, but has not yet been resolved. As they note, flocks of stray animals enter the school yard, often in rooms that are left open for ventilation in the context of implementing sanitary protocols.

According to the teachers, the directors of two school blocks have written and verbally addressed the local authorities on several occasions with a request to solve the problem of stray animals. But today the problem remains.

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