Souvlaki will get a new look due to savings

Huge problems arose in the field of catering due to the lack of raw materials and especially sunflower oil. Therefore, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to avoid further “burdening” on consumers, i.e. rise in product prices.

One of these thoughts is to remove french fries from the menu of restaurants and taverns, and souvlaki, given the rise in the price of meat and flatbread, are thinking of removing french fries from a portion so as not to raise the price.

Recall that souvlaki (τυλιχτό σουβλάκι, πίτα γύρος) are already 20-50 cents more expensive, and in Athens the price is expected to rise to 3.20 euros. After an increase of 12% last year at the end of summer, souvlaki with tortilla (pita) cost 2.60-2.70 euros, and kebabs (kalamaki, without pita) – from 1.80 to 1.90 euros . This means that a once cheap meal for a family of four will now cost around 30 euros if they get a soft drink and potatoes!

Previously, we bought sunflower oil at 0.73 euros per liter, now we buy it at 3 euros per liter and do not know to what extent the increase can go, sellers say.

The statement of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Halkidiki, Yiannis Koufidis, is characteristic, as he said that there are thoughts to completely abandon deep-fried food, writes

“It is very difficult for owners of taverns, restaurants or fast food establishments to find sunflower oil, so there are thoughts to either reduce the number of fried dishes or eliminate them from the list. “French fries are a huge problem and the alternative is to replace them with baked potatoes,” he said, continuing. “A ten-liter bottle of sunflower oil had a starting price of about 14 euros before the war in Ukraine, and now it is 30 euros due to a huge shortage. Thus, many professionals will decide to stop deep frying, since it is not possible to use olive oil on a daily basis.”

Started ceilings for supermarkets

Meanwhile, fearing a food crisis and shortage of food, the government “took on a pencil” certain categories of products that may disappear and rise in price due to the situation in Ukraine. Supermarkets are called upon to announce their stocks of 7 categories of products within 48 hours, after which restrictions will be placed on their sale. Large supermarket chains first introduced restrictions in their online stores, blacklisting sunflower oil and flour, and now they have already moved to restrictions in physical stores. Most likely, granulated sugar will also be included in the “strategic” category.

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