Europe will pay for gas in Russian rubles

“Delivery our goods to EU and the United States, and it makes no sense to receive payment in dollars and euros,” Vladimir Putin said.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin instructed to transfer settlements with Gazprom for gas supplies to Europe into rubles “as soon as possible.” He stated, writes

“The collective West, by freezing Russian reserves, declared a default against Russia and drew a line under the reliability of its currencies. “In the shortest possible time, implement a set of measures to transfer payments – let’s start with this, with our natural gas … supplied to the so-called unfriendly countries, to Russian rubles. Russia will continue, of course, to supply natural gas in accordance with the volumes and prices, according to the pricing principles fixed in the contracts concluded earlier. Unlike some colleagues, we value our business reputation as a reliable partner and supplier.”

Commenting on a message in the Telegram channel edition “The country” notes:

Shortly after this announcement, the dollar fell below 100 against the Russian ruble on the Moscow Exchange for the first time since March 3. True, it is almost impossible to buy currency in exchangers.

And in Europe, after the order of the Russian president, the cost of gas has risen sharply – up to 1350 dollars.

Earlier, our publication reported that against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and in the context of freezing part of foreign exchange reserves due to Western sanctions, Russia announced its desire to carry out settlements in national currency – rubles.

On March 10, during a meeting of the President of the Russian Federation with members of the government, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Russia intends to pay off foreign debts in rubles. The finance minister also said that the West had defaulted on its obligations to Russia by freezing its gold and foreign exchange reserves.

The intention of the Russian Federation to pay off its obligations in rubles may lead to its default, the agency warned Fitch.

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