Ellinaras: couldn’t find a taxi, so he called an ambulance

An unprecedented incident occurred this morning in Volos. A man with a toothache could do nothing better than call an ambulance.

Doctors of EKAV Volos this morning could not believe their ears, having come to a call to a patient with a heart attack (as stated by the caller). A few minutes earlier, a middle-aged man had called the Thessaly EKAB call center on 166 asking for emergency help as he said he had heart problems and wanted to be rushed to Volos hospital.

According to thenewspaper.gr, when the rescuers arrived at the house, they saw a completely healthy man who admitted that he could not find a taxi and therefore called an ambulance. So what did the citizen suffer? He just had a toothache! (Or, as they say in this case, “inflammation of the cunning”).

Alas, such, so to speak, Ellinaras do not know that such a joke could cost someone their life. After all, having left for a challenge to him, a completely healthy person, they would not have time for another challenge if someone actually became ill.

Frustrated doctors issued a home visit as a “false call”.

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