Alkis Kabanu street and memorial plaque to appear in Thessaloniki

In memory of a young student brutally murdered in a fan attack, the street in Thessaloniki where the crime was committed will be named after him.

Recall that a 19-year-old young man died due to stab wounds, two of his friends received multiple stabs as a result of a night fan group attacks in Thessaloniki.

The first to be arrested was an Albanian known for his “fan violence”. As it turned out, arrested suspicion of murder Alkisa Kabanosa is still awaiting trial for a past 2019 crime of bodily harm.

One by one, 12 participants in the brutal beating and murder ended up in the hands of the police. At the same time, each of the suspects denied that it was he who had inflicted mortal wound to the victim.

But the investigation continues, all the perpetrators will get what they deserve, and now we are talking about something else. The Committee on the names of streets, squares and districts of the municipality of Thessaloniki at its yesterday’s meeting approved the renaming of Gazi Street in the Harilau district to Alkisa Kabanu Street, in memory of the deceased 19-year-old student. Petros Lekakis, president of the Thessaloniki City Council and chairman of the naming committee, told the Athens Macedonian News Agency:

“From the very first moment, we, as the city council, agreed that the memory of the young man who was killed in a fan attack, and his death shocked all of Greece, should be honored. This is the least we can do from the Municipality of Thessaloniki. Memory Alkis should live on, and this street should remind us that such an incident should never happen again.”

AS Aris filed a petition for the renaming of the street and a written request to the Municipality of Thessaloniki to install a memorial plaque at the site of the murder of Alkis. In response, the city council of the central municipality issued an order to the City Planning Department at the place where it will be installed.

In accordance with the city council’s recommendations, it will be placed on the building where the 19-year-old student died, with the consent of the owners of the house. The expenses are borne by the amateur athletic club “Aris”, reports

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