December 1, 2023

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Mines from Ukraine headed for Bulgaria

Rear Admiral Kirill Mikhailov, commander of the Bulgarian Navy, does not rule out throwing mines on the Bulgarian coast.

Mikhailov believes that Russian statements about Ukrainian mines drifting in the Black Sea could become more of a complication of navigation and a cause of fear-mongering than a real threat. However, he says, the possibility of raising ammunition to the surface of the sea and throwing it on the coast of Bulgaria cannot be ruled out. euronews.

The FSB of Russia reported on March 19 that the Ukrainian Navy installed mines on approaches to ports in the Black Sea, they can drift due to cable breaks during a storm. “Given that southward surface currents predominate in Ukrainian port areas, the possibility of mines drifting into the Bosphorus and further into the seas of the Mediterranean basin is not ruled out,” the security service said. The FSB emphasized that “the breakage of the mines indicates the unsatisfactory technical condition of the mines.” Kirill Mikhailov says:

I would like to dispel fears that mines will start to be thrown onto the beach, and tourists will stumble upon them. This is unlikely, but this is a military conflict in which weapons such as naval mines were used, and such a threat cannot be completely ruled out.

In early March, an Estonian-owned cargo ship sank near Odessa. The owner of Vista Shipping Agency AS said that “an explosion occurred on or near the ship.” The executive director of the enterprise, Igor Ilves, suggested that the dry cargo ship was blown up by a mine.

The Ukrainian Navy, in turn, said that only they have the right to distribute security notices in their part of the Black Sea, calling Moscow’s warning an attempt at information “piracy.”

Meanwhile, Turkey announced that it would take measures regarding the mining of the Black Sea. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke about this on Tuesday in Ankara:

“This information is currently being discussed. In this regard, our Ministry of National Defense is taking all precautions. Everything that is necessary will be done. Do not hesitate.”

Edition “The country” writes that the situation with the mining of the Black Sea became critical a few days ago. Then the Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukraine had mined the bottom of the Black Sea. However, in Kyiv they said that the Russians, on the contrary, mined the sea themselves and are now trying to blame Ukraine.

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