March 25th 3-Day Weekend: Nearly 100% Booking in Popular Destinations

On the eve of the three-day weekend on March 25, 26 and 27, bookings for tourist accommodation for vacations exceeded 80% in popular destinations.

The trend shows that bookings will reach 100% by the end of the week. This conclusion can be drawn from a Panhellenic Real Estate Network E-Real Estates survey conducted on short-term rental websites. It is significant that in the ski resort of Arachova today there are only 15 properties for rent, and in the wider area their number reaches 33. At the same time, the pre-booking rate is 86%. The cost for 2 nights, for a family with 2 children, ranges from 338 € to 540 €, while the cost for 2 nights in a 4 bedroom chalet is 750 €.

Trikala, Corinth and Metsovo

In Trikala (Corinth), an area that Greeks love to visit at Christmas, New Year, and the three days of Pancake Monday, only 5 vacant properties have been recorded. The cost of 2 nights (during the holiday on March 25) ranges from €540 to €800. The upper rental price is for a 3 bedroom house that can accommodate 6 people. The price of 540 € refers to a house with an area of ​​70 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms.

In Metsovo, the cost of recreation (tourist real estate rental) varies from 340 € to 630 €. In Kalavryta, the price for 2 nights ranges from €500 to €534. Higher prices mainly apply to houses with an area of ​​60 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms.

Among the best destinations of Arcadia and Karpenisi

These destinations during the three days of the weekend (March 25-27) are in the top choice of travelers with advance bookings reaching 100%.

In the village of Kardaras, the cost is about 500 euros per night (house 65 sqm with 2 bedrooms). In Dimitsan and Vitin the prices are from 144 € to 470 €. The upper price refers to a house with an area of ​​90 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms.

In Karpenisi (Korishades village) the cost of accommodation is from 412 € for 2 nights in a 2-bedroom house.

Pelion and Zagorochoria

In the mountainous destinations of Magnesia, Portaria and Makrinitsa, there are currently only 6 houses available for short-term rent. In Makrinitsa, the price for 2 nights ranges from 354 € to 658 € (3-bedroom mansion). While in Portaria the cost of two nights will be from 380 € to 507 €.

In Zagorohoria prices range from €280 to €790 for 2 nights. In the village of Monodendri, a house of 100 m2 is rented for 2 nights for 790 €, while in Elati the price of living in a house of 100 m2 with 2 bedrooms reaches 400 €.

Kalampaka and Ioannina are the destinations chosen mainly by the inhabitants of Thessaloniki. To date, only 12 houses are available in Kalambaka, and the pre-booking rate reaches 91%. The cost for 2 nights ranges from 220€ to 360€. The lowest rental price is for a 56 sqm 2 bedroom house 700 meters from the center, while the highest price is for a 163 sqm 4 bedroom house 800 meters from the center. Properties located within walking distance from the center are generally 50-60 sq. m, and the cost of renting for 2 nights is about 300 euros.

According to E-RealEstates President Themistoklis Bakas, “It is expected that intense demand for short-term rental properties will also be recorded in the coastal areas of mainland Greece. The leading role is played by the Peloponnese (Nafplio, Kalamata, Gythio, Nafpaktos, Loutraki and Corinth). As we approach the three-day weekend, demand will peak and bookings will reach 100% across all popular destinations of the season.”

It is noted that the reported high rates of pre-booking refer exclusively to individual houses/apartments that are available and registered on short-term rental platforms, and do not apply to hotel units and boarding houses.

The capacity of registered apartments and villas in many winter destinations is quite limited.


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