The Russian Foreign Ministry published a video of the first operational strike “Dagger” on Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry has published a video of the destruction of the underground ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by a supersonic Kinzhal missile. This is the first operational strike using this type of weapon on the planet.

The military of the Russian Federation reported on the use of the Kinzhal missile system on March 20. We are talking about the first cases of the use of this type of weapon in the course of a real military operation. One of the launches was made from the air over the Crimea. notedthat the speed of the rocket is 10 times the speed of sound.

“From the waters of the Caspian Sea, sea-based cruise missiles “Caliber”, as well as from the airspace over the territory of the Crimea, aviation missile systems “Dagger” with hypersonic aeroballistic missiles destroyed a large storage base for fuels and lubricants of the Ukrainian armed forces near the village of Konstantinovka, Mykolaiv region” , – said during the briefing the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov. He noted that the destroyed fuel was supplied to the southern part of Ukraine for refueling armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, on March 18, Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles destroyed an underground weapons depot in the Ivanovo-Frankivsk region.

The US has already sounded the alarm as the US military has so far failed to conduct a successful test. They are far behind in this area, while the Chinese also seem to have made impressive strides in their own program (they are rumored to have received Russian help in this matter).

Moscow decided to use Kinzhal not only to test its operational capabilities, but also to remind the United States and EU in particular, that it is she who has the advantage in new weapon systems.

What is the Kinzhal missile system

Dagger missile system (or 9-A-7660 Dagger, and in a number of sources X-47M2 Dagger)this is a Russian aviation missile system, hypersonic missiles which are capable of hitting both stationary objects and surface targets: aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers and frigates. According to some reports, the Dagger is an aviation version of the missile system. Iskander.


The first successful tests of the Kinzhal missile system were carried out by Russia December 1, 2017. In February-March 2018, its operational military tests began.

For the first time general public Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the appearance of the Kinzhal complex in his address to the federal assembly in March 2018. At the same time, they demonstrated video footage complex testing. They show that the functions combat platform (carrier aircraft) performs a long-range supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31.

It was stated that the rocket, after dropping at a given point, then flew from hypersonic speed, exceeding the speed of sound by 10 times and maneuvering throughout the entire flight path. Such combination of characteristics allows the missile of the complex to reliably overcome all existing air defense and missile defense systems. For achievement declared speed the missile must be dispersed by the carrier, and the MiG-31 is the most suitable for this.

According to military experts, the new missile is not a cruise missile, but aeroballistic. That is, the trajectory of its flight is supported by high speed.

The MiG-31 fighter, specially modified to launch this missile, actually serves as its first step, making a launch outside the dense layers of the atmosphere at altitudes from 12 to 15 thousand meters. Rocket flight also takes place at the edge of the stratosphere to avoid significant air resistance.

Video from the exercise dated February 19, 2022.

The performance characteristics of the RK Kinzhal

Carrier (launcher):

  • MiG-31K – 1 missile;
  • Tu-22M3 – 4 missiles;
  • Tu-160 – supposed to be 4 on each of the two drums (a smaller version for the Su-57 is possible);
  • Su-57 – in the future.

Rocket: 9-C-7760 – aeroballistic.

The maximum range of destruction of the complex:

  • MiG-31K – 2000 km;
  • Tu-22M3 – more than 3000 km.

Max speed: up to 14,688 km/h or 4,080 m/s.

Flight altitude at the time of reaching hypersonic speed: 20 km.

QUO: 1m.

Warhead type: in conventional equipment or nuclear.

Warhead weight: 500 kg.

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