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NATO ships in the port of Piraeus "painted"

Members of the Greek Communist Party KKE threw paint at NATO ships in the port of Piraeus.

Members of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ “made it clear that NATO ships are not welcome in the port of Piraeus,” according to their statement. The action took place on Saturday morning, March 19. The ship of the North Atlantic Alliance anchored in the port was damaged, reports

Members of the KKE managed to approach the mooring site of NATO forces SNMG2 warships and throw paint on the Canadian frigate “HCMS MONTREAL FFH336” – as part of their protest against NATO forces and against Greece’s participation in the war in Ukraine.

Party organizations will continue to be at the forefront with the fighting, which will intensify after a large rally on Tuesday March 22 at Syntagma Square, at which KKE General Secretary Dimitris Koutsoumbas will speak. And also, mobilization was announced for Thursday, March 24 by the Piraeus Labor Center and other organizations in Pasalimani – on the occasion of the arrival of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Piraeus – under the slogan “No war, disunity of the country, imperialist ships are not needed in Piraeus.”

Earlier, our publication reported that the Greek communists held protest rallies against the war in Ukraine. The Communist Party of Greece held a series of anti-war rallies against the war in Ukraine, and also signed an appeal to end the “imperialist war in Ukraine.”

Thousands of demonstrators in Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek cities responded to the call of the Communist Party of Greece and the Communist Youth of Greece and raised their voices against the imperialist war, according to a press release from the KKE.

In the Greek capital, thousands of protesters flooded the streets near the Russian embassy in Athens, condemning the unacceptable Russian military intervention and the invasion of Ukraine, which marked the formal start of a war that had been in preparation for many years.

The Greek communists, by their participation in anti-war/anti-imperialist mass demonstrations, have shown that it is in the interests of the Greek people and peoples in general to rise up to fight against the war, and not to choose one or another imperialist camp.

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